Senin, 08 Mei 2017

In the end of March there lot of holiday because the third class in examination. So, school made an event called Paman Gober. Paman Gober is Penanaman dan Gowes Bersama. its an event for all student SMAN 3 Bandung except the third class. This an annual event that purpose to increase environmental awareness.

So at 6 o'clock we gathered in Bali field and if you don't have a bicycle you can borrow it in school. The opening ceremony started at 7 o'clock and then we started cycling route together, for me the route is not too far. 

After we arrived at Cikaso road we stopped and started planning some plants. We planted the plant on a soldier area near with the 14 SHS.We didn’t took a long time and went back to school. After we planted we went back to Bali field. After Paman Gober there is Dewa Athena final round.

As a student and citizen is our job to keep our environment we can started from our school the help other.



1. be afloat either on or below a liquid surface and not sink to the bottom
2. Being of a bright saffronlike color; of the color of gold or brass
4. used for tumbling longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life
7.a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)
11. a beloved person
16. a board game for two players who move their 16 pieces according to specific rules
17. Symbol Xe or X in chemistry
21. a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land
23. neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men)

1. the chance to speak
3. the branch of biology that studies plants
4. a swing used by circus acrobats
5. being or moving higher in position
7. more than two youthful male person
8. a time for working
9.any thick, viscous matter some eventual time in the future
12.The third person singular of the substantive verb be
13.a person of subnormal intelligence
15.of or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison
18.a truck with an enclosed cargo space
19.Not out; within; inside. In, the preposition
20.a burst of light used to communicate or illuminate
22.the act of searching for something
24.a religion relating to hebrew or their culture or religion

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Senin, 24 April 2017


Dewa athena is an event for SMAN 3 Bandung student. This is a sport championship class for grade 11 and 10. it held in Bali field and it held in 2 days in 2 different week. In Dewa athena we have to prepare our jersey class, so a month before Dewa Athena we design our jersey class, there are some clash about our jersey design between the boys and the girls. But after 2 weeks later the jersey is ready.

There were 8 sports were matched. They were football, basketball, badminton, dodge ball, tug war, estafet run, and gobak sodor. I played 3 of them football, dodgeball, tug war. The first match is estafet run between my class  X science 9 and X acceleration. because the estafet run held at 6.30 am the estafet player from my class was not yet come so replaced by another freind from our class that had come and we lost in estafet run from X acceleration.

Then the tug war began my class Science 9 versus Science 6. This game played by 10 persons 5 boys and 5 girls. Before we played we made a strategy because Science 6 looks so strong. There is 2 round the first round we lose but the second roun we won so there was the third round and then we won and the third round.

at 2 pm the football match began. It was so exciting all student watch this game and the now was the time for our class played science 9 vs science 5 I played in the second half time. At the first half time the score is 2-1 win by science 9 and then at the second half time we won 10-1 and i scored 4 of them:))

The next week we only played the game that we won at the last week. there are football, basketball, dodgeball, tug war. We met social class in our football match and then we lost 4-0. The basketball we could through the final but at the final we lost from Science 2. The dodgeball we also lost from Science 6.

Senin, 06 Februari 2017

Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer

 Hasil gambar untuk waiting on the world to change

Me and all my friends
We're all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing and
There's no way we ever could

Now we see everything that's going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don't have the means
To rise above and beat it

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's hard to beat the system
When we're standing at a distance
So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

Now if we had the power
To bring our neighbors home from war
They would have never missed a Christmas
No more ribbons on their door
And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want

That's why we're waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's not that we don't care,
We just know that the fight ain't fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

And we're still waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting waiting on the world to change
One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change 

 source :

 This song is from John Mayer first single released from John Mayer's 2006 studio album, Continuum. This song is very unique because John Mayer deliver his message with an allusion.
This song tells about How the world change and why the world change but we can't do anything .Politics was a topic that Mayer had not previously tackled. On his decision to include a politically tinged song, he commented, "You cannot avoid war in life, you cannot avoid the fear of terrorism, you cannot avoid those things now, they are a part of everyday demeanor.

In the first couplet it tells about when someone want to make this world better but there's some people who not agree with us they think we stand for nothing and that makes people doesnt make a change for the world.

In the second couplet it tells about why the world getting worst is because the leader and we have no power to beat it.

In the fifth couplet tells about a war, war is also the reason why the world getting worst. The television just broadcast something they want us to see, when they got the true information they just changed it to destructive our mindset.

In the chorus "So we keep waiting ,Waiting on the world to changes" means we can't do nothing as long as we influenced about that reason and we just keep waiting untill the world to changes :(

video :

Senin, 09 Januari 2017

My last Holiday

Holiday to Bali & Lombok

In my last holiday I went back to my hometown in Surabaya. So I went to Surabaya by Plane. Then I met my familly, I missed them so much because I hadn't met them since my last trip to surabaya in September. In Surabaya I just played with my old friend like played billiard, soccer,etc. Then me and my familly decided to holiday to Bali and Lombok. 

31 December me and my familly went to Bali by plane. We landed in Bali at 9 am and then we took some breakfast at restaurant and then me adn my familly went to hotel to check in. After Dhuhur me and my familly went to Dreamland. Dreamland was a part of kuta beach but more clean. In Dreamland me and my brothers played in seashore. After played with my brothers we took a bath and changed cloth, then we ate some seafood ath the seashore. At 3 pm me and my familly went to Beachwalk mall to prepared celebrate the new year. 

Beachwalk mall is the biggest mall in Bali is at front of Kuta beach. When we were arrived in Kuta it was very crowded. All tourist gathered in Kuta beach to celebrated the new ywear, then me and my familly went to Beachwalk mall. We were shopping at there untill late night and ate in Dreamland. At 11 pm we all gathered in front of Dreamland it was very crowded, ther was a lot of people blow a trumpet it was very noisy. When 23.59 we all counted down the new year and then HAPPY NEW YEAARRR DUAARRR DUAARRR !!!! there was a lot of fireworks and people was very happy and hug all people. Then me and my familly went back to hotel to slept.

The next day me and my familly went to Berantan Lake Bedugul. it tooks 2  hour to went to Berantan Lake. At Berantan Lake it was cold and in the middle of Berantan Lake there was a a beautiful shrine. Me and my brothers also rode a speedboat at Berantan Lake.

Senin, 21 November 2016

For all people who interest to guitar, we announce guitar festival, it will be held on:
 Hasil gambar untuk guitar festival 2017
Date : Sunday, 11 September 2016

Place : Sabuga

Open Gate : 11.00 am

Close Gate : 14.00 pm

Price Ticket : 50 K

They must purchase advance tickets on front gate.
this event filled by :

- Sungha jung and john mayer

For further information, visit the committee

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016


Johnny Allen Hendricks or Jimi Hendrix was born in King Country Hospital, Seattle, Washington at 27th Nov 1942. He is son from couple Alex Hendrix (Afro American) and Lucille (Indian Cherokee). . He had a difficult childhood, sometimes living in the care of relatives and even acquaintances at times. His mother, Lucille, was only 17 years old when Hendrix was born. She had a stormy relationship with his father.and eventually left the family after the couple had two more children together, sons Leon and Joseph.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Hendrix began playing guitar at the age of 15. In 1961, he enlisted in the US Army and trained as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division; he was granted an honorable discharge the following year. Soon afterward, he moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, and began playing gigs on the Chitlin' Circuit, earning a place in the Isley Brothers' backing band and later with Little Richard, with whom he continued to work through mid-1965. He then played with Curtis Knight and the Squires before moving to England in late 1966 after being discovered by Linda Keith, who in turn interested bassist Chas Chandler of the Animals in becoming his first manager. Within months, Hendrix had earned three UK top ten hits with the Jimi Hendrix Experience: "Hey Joe", "Purple Haze", and "The Wind Cries Mary". He achieved fame in the US after his performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and in 1968 his third and final studio album, Electric Ladyland, reached number one in the US; it was Hendrix's most commercially successful release and his first and only number one album. The world's highest-paid performer, he headlined the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 before his accidental death from barbiturate-related asphyxia on September 18, 1970, at the age of 27.
Hendrix was inspired musically by American rock and roll and electric blues. He favored overdriven amplifiers with high volume and gain, and was instrumental in utilizing the previously undesirable sounds caused by guitar amplifier feedback. He helped to popularize the use of a wah-wah pedal in mainstream rock, and was the first artist to use stereophonic phasing effects in music recordings. Holly George-Warren of Rolling Stone commented: "Hendrix pioneered the use of the instrument as an electronic sound source. Players before him had experimented with feedback and distortion, but Hendrix turned those effects and others into a controlled, fluid vocabulary every bit as personal as the blues with which he began.
source :                             aspirations